Art Teacher

I’m a certified Art Teacher that moved to Pocatello in 2021 for my husband's job.  I’ve been teaching for 24 years and I have a Masters Degree in Integrating the Arts into the curriculum.  I started teaching in the elementary classroom then moved to where my heart is-in the art room. I am married with three wonderful children and two doodle dogs!  I am a strong advocate for fine arts in elementary school. 

In December 2021, I started teaching art classes through my  small business, Poky Kidz Art LLC.  Through grant money, I have also taught art classes at Tendoy, Wilcox, and Syringa elementary schools.  Currently, I am teaching art classes through Poky Kidz Art and I am teaching art part-time at Highland High School.

Why do I teach art? I feel alive working on a project and the act of creating brings me joy.  I love to share my passion of creating art with students so they can grow as artists and creative thinkers.  It is rewarding to see my students persevere and work through challenges which builds their character and confidence.  I love how art gives students freedom to imagine without right answers and correct solutions.  I desire to teach others through art to fill a world that can sometimes be black and white or gray to vibrant color.